Want to grow in your Faith and relationship with God?  Gain a greater understanding of the Bible?  Then Leadership Academy is for you!  

Champions Leadership Academy is a Four-part course. Each part has seven weekly sessions. (Total course duration is 28 weeks). Topics covered: 

* Theology Faith Foundations

* The Jesus Lifestyle

* Jesus, The Bible and You

* Leadership Journey

Whether you're fresh out of school, working full time, taking care of a family or haven't studied for years, Champions Leadership Academy is designed to suit You!

Each night starts at 7pm with two 50-minute sessions and an interactive session with other students over a tea or coffee. 

Enrolments for 2018 are now open.  You can enrol now by contacting the church office on 32079154 via our website on the 'Contact Us' headline.

You can sign up for the entire module for only $90 or pay weekly for $13.00