Welcome to Heart 4 House 18/19

Heart for House is an opportunity for all of our Champions Church family and friends to Honour the lord, grow our faith, by raising extra funds to expand our ministry reach.

Every year Susie and I genuinely look forward to taking our own personal ‘H4H’ faith step.  It has been a tremendous catalyst for growing us into bigger people over many many years. 

We count it an honour each year to make a pledge to the Lord, and our Church, for the year ahead. 

Why don’t you enquire today about becoming a Heart for House partner. 

God bless,


Steve n Susie K



Following, are the faith projects we are targeting in H4H 17/18


Champion Kids

Our Kids auditorium is a vital part of the development of every child at Champions Church. We are looking to upgrade the equipment in this hall and carry out some much needed building improvements.


Developing Champions

It is our express desire to Champion the dreams and callings God has placed within every believer. Developing Champions is committed to this aim. The funds raised here will be dedicated to providing a staff training opportunity in one of our vital ministry areas.


Stage Upgrade

We are looking to enhance our worship experience with some upgrades to the stage area of our Auditorium.  This will include: New keyboard, new and improved drum sound screen, Lighting, sound, and multi media improvements 


Grand Entry

We are looking to join our car park to the street with a brand new entry point. This will greatly improve safety for those entering and leaving our Champions Church ministry centre. 


Outdoor Playground

We are blessed with a magnificent bush setting. We would like to capitalise on this by developing a picnic area on site with a playground for children. I cant wait to stay after Sunday service with my kids and grand kids and enjoy lunch with friends.


Community Outreach

Over the past 2 years we have delivered hundreds of Welcome packs to the residents of the new apartments directly across from our Champions Church ministry centre. We would like to cast the net even wider and have a systematic letter box drop throughout the city over the next year to spread the word that there is a Fabulous welcoming Church community in town. 


Connect Lounge

How many of us have started lasting friendships over a cuppa and cake in our connect lounge? Last year we installed 2 air conditioning units to this busy area. This year we will complete these works by installing another two A/C units and self-closing doors, and welcoming décor. 


Champions Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy has been hugely successful since its inception in Mar 2017. We would like to build on this and continue to make this area a well equipped training room for our Academy students and the many other groups in our Church and community that will make use of this resource. 


Office Hub

We have a very busy office hub with many people using a very limited office area. There is a constant need to develop and adjust our office hub for maximum use of space, ministry support, and productivity.



Wow! We are blessed with a great kitchen. We recently had a Chef advise us as to how we can bring our Kitchen up to a standard that will serve us well into the future. We will be implementing these recommendations throughout the year. 


Finance Leaders

While most of us may jog, some are gifted to run at an elite level, likewise most of us sing but there are those among us who are gifted to sing and lead us in Worship. 

Likewise again in giving. While all of us are encouraged to take part in the faith step of H4H there will be those among us that feel
God’s call to giving at a higher level. At Champions Church we celebrate this gift as we do the many other gifts in our Church. These finance leaders will bring breakthrough for all of us because of their sacrifice. Why not pray about whether you should be a finance leader. Our finance Leaders meet once a term for encouragement and training in this significant ministry. See our Business Pastor, Trevor Arrandale for details.